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iPad/Tablet HeadPointer

iPad/Tablet HeadPointer

$20.00 - $129.00

"Love the iPad!  Love how it's changed our fields of AT/AAC so radically!  Love that people that can point with a finger can access a beautiful interface and computing experience, from instructional materials, to web surfing, email, Facebook, Twitter, and all that able-bodied persons take for granted.
However, the touchscreen of iPads/tablets requires a fingertip touch, or some device that 'looks' like a fingertip to the device. And that's where I come in ;-)"  RJ


This HeadPointer's is capacitive, that is, it 'magically' creates an electrical path for the iPad/tablet screen to 'think' a fingertip is touching it.

The HeadPointer that Debbi & Marcel are wearing may look a bit strange, but no stranger, and certainly a lot more comfortable, than headpointers that have chin straps and are elastic.  Mine is easily adjustable a with a *dial* (yea!), and very stable.

No skin contact with the stylus is necessary. Very cool!

Now you *will* need a mount to hold the iPad/tablet in just the right position.  Consider one my Tablet Mounts, please.

Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the iPad/Tablet HeadPointer.

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