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Cordless Switch Interface

Cordless Switch Interface


"Removing wires from the 'clutches' of our users is always a challenge.  The solution, of course, is to reduce the number of wires!" RJ

The Cordless Switch Interface for PC & Mac provides a place to plug switches into a computer, without having to connect a cable to a computer.  It has 2 switch inputs.  When you plug a switch into one of its 2 jacks, the switch(es) ‘become’ standard mouse-clicks (Win: left, right; Mac: left, control-click), and with installation of the accompanying software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse-button event or keystroke you’d like!

The Cordless Switch Interface does not interfere with the operation of its own, or other pointing devices, such as a mouse, which retains all of its normal functions.  Some people get these to be able to control a cursor on a large screen and move a switch around the room, away from the computer.

**Important note: the default behavior of the device is to control PowerPoint. Tap the mouse button on the CSI to toggle to mouse clicks and such.

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