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Bluetooth (BT) Small Switch

$20.00 - $99.00

"I'm always looking for less expensive but as-functional-as-possible solutions and/or options for alternative control of computers, iPads, Androids, and Chromebooks. Fortunately, most of these have Accessibility for switch built right into the OS these days, at least for *some* apps.  And my BT (Bluetooth) Small Switch may be just the ticket for that control." RJ :-)


For iPad 3 and above! Also, iPod Touch and all iPhones (Switch=Next-Song, or can control Switch Control or switch-friendly apps), and Android (Next-Song and switch accessibility).

This 3" fairly-light touch switch can be put into 6 modes, *easily*:

<space> (for Select), <enter> (for step-scan), <next song> (Music, YouTube, Pandora, etc.), <vol up> (iPad Camera app), <up/down> (Select for VoiceOver/Switch Control), <left-arrow> (previous item for VoiceOver/Switch Control), <right-arrow>(next item for VoiceOver/Switch Control, Home

Pairing is pretty simple and 'persistent' (that's a good thing ;-) .

It comes with some special hook & loop will allow the switch to remain securely on a desk, table, or any positioning arm, such as mine.

 Click here for the actual instructions.

Here is a video showing most info:


Life is too short to live without the Bluetooth (BT) Small Switch. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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