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Apple TV BIG Button Controller

Apple TV BIG Button Controller


"When I can, one of my favorite things I do for people is to fulfill a 'wish' that a parent or professionals has to enable their significant person with specific challenges.  In this case, 2 parents approached me to empower their children to be able to control an Apple TV via BIG buttons and/or switch(es).  I'm happy to say I could help!" RJ :-)


Fortunately, Apple remotes use a protocol that I can 'emulate' (pretend to be).  Unfortunately, I cannot do this with a Roku or specific remotes for cable/satellite providers like RoadRunner, Cox, Time-Warner, etc.  I have another adapted remote I work with for those other situations (not Roku, though), my Switch-Adapted TV Remote.

But for Apple TV, which led the entire crowd of 'smart' TV controllers, I can create a box that emulates many functions of the remote, although for these 2 parents, I just did the main functions: Select, the arrows for moving around on the screen within a menu, and Go Back.

For Mary's pictures below, mom writes: “RJ cooper is very easy to work with and very accommodating. After searching for something for years, Mary finally has independence to access her Apple TV on her own terms.” 

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