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Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch

Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch


"Adapting a tiny 1" Bluetooth switch for special needs has been a desire of mine for years.  So I was glad when a manufacturer created one, using KickStarter funding, about a year ago.  Now we have 3 sizes of Bluetooth switches to choose from!" RJ :)


Having the Bluetooth 'stuff' right inside the switch saves you from unwieldy cables and connections!  I have been producing a 5" BT Super-Switch since 2010 (beat *that*, 'anyone'! ;-) . Then, last year I introduced my 3" version, the BT Small Switch.  And now, a tiny one! :-)

It's sensitive and configurable to <space>, or <enter> or one of *many* other functions, such as a Home button (for newer iPads lacking Home buttons).  PLEASE NOTE: This product is only for iPhone/iPad/Mac.  Truth be told, Windows is *horrible* with Bluetooth and Android is not much better :-(

Be aware that you can NOT use this switch for Apple Accessibility's Switch Control.  But it works great for special needs apps that are 'switch compatible' or as a home button, or next-song button. 

My 'spin' on this item is adding my super-hook/loop tape (VERY strong and NOT commercially available) to the bottom, including my Vel-Strap with my special attachment method, and providing you with clear instructions for special needs usage.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold, the Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch is for you.

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