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Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch

Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch


"Adapting a tiny 1" Bluetooth switch for special needs has been a desire of mine for years.  So I was glad when a manufacturer created one, using KickStarter funding, about a year ago.  Now we have 3 sizes of Bluetooth switches to choose from!" RJ :)


Having the Bluetooth 'stuff' right inside the switch saves you from unwieldy cables and connections!  I have been producing a 5" BT Super-Switch since 2010 (beat *that*, 'anyone'! ;-) . Then, last year I introduced my 3" version, the BT Small Switch.  And now, a tiny one! :-)

It's sensitive and configurable to <space>, or <enter> or one of *many* other functions, such as a Home button (for newer iPads lacking Home buttons).  PLEASE NOTE: This product is only for iPhone/iPad/Mac.  Truth be told, Windows is *horrible* with Bluetooth and Android is not much better :-(

Be aware that you can NOT use this switch for Apple Accessibility's Switch Control.  But it works great for special needs apps that are 'switch compatible' or as a home button, or next-song button. 

My 'spin' on this item is adding my super-hook/loop tape (VERY strong and NOT commercially available) to the bottom, including my Vel-Strap with my special attachment method, and providing you with clear instructions for special needs usage.

My Bluetooth (BT) Tiny Switch is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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